Welcome New MetFDA Leaders

As you know, the Annual Meeting is a time when we welcome new visionaries into the folds of our elected leadership. Please welcome your new MetFDA Officers:

  • Sherry Bensimon (Riverside Memorial Chapel), President
  • Lucy Vista(Frederick Funeral Home), Vice President
  • Patrick Kearns (Leo F. Kearns Funeral Home, Inc.), Secretary/Treasurer
  • Sal Farenga (Farenga Brothers Funeral Home), Immediate Past President

Sherry was sworn in as President by MetFDA’s first female president, Ayris B. Granby (Granby's Funeral Service, Inc.). In her first remarks as President, Sherry expressed her deep honor to serve the organization and families of the greater metropolitan area. She’s excited to work with the amazing leaders and members of the MetFDA.

During this annual event, MetFDA leaders were also confirmed through 2026. Many thanks to the returning Board of Directors Class sitting through 2026:

  • Thomas A. Golden, III, Martin A. Gleason Funeral Home
  • Jennifer Lee, Lee’s Funeral Home
  • James R. Pescitelli, Frank E. Campbell The Funeral Chapel
  • Paul Pizzo, Bedell-Pizzo Funeral Home, Inc.
  • Charles S. Salomon, Riverside Memorial Chapel

This year we also welcome Vincent C. Carey (Martin A. Gleason Funeral Home, LLC) and Anne Marie Guarino Getlik (Graham Funeral Home) to the Board for the first time. For the full list of MetFDA Board of Directors, please visit our website.

Thank You John D’Arienzo

This is also a time of reflection and thanks as we say goodbye to individuals who have, for several years, dedicated their time and talents to leading our Association. Please join us in congratulating and thanking John D’Arienzo as his term on the Board has come to an end.

John is the first MetFDA leader to serve two terms as President and navigated the organization through the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. We truly thank John for his steadfast leadership and valuable contributions during his time on the board and as an officer.

  September 5th, 2023