In Remembrance

Joan C. Anastasio, passed away March 5, 2021. Joan was the mother of MetFDA member Andrew Anastasio of B. Anastasio & Son, Inc.

Deacon Kenneth J. Maher, 70, passed away December 25, 2020. Kenneth was a licensed funeral director and owner of The St. James Funeral Home.

Joseph Raul Heredia, passed away December 16, 2020. Joseph was the brother of MetFDA member Michael Heredia of Conway Funeral Home.

Kacie Yvonne Buchanan, 28, passed away October 29, 2020. Kacie was the cherished daughter of Martin (Karen) Kohler, a licensed funeral director for MetFDA member firm Nolan Funeral Home, Inc.

Edward D. Jamie Jr., 76, passed away following a long battle with cancer. Edward was the second generation funeral director in his family following in his father's footsteps, he operated the Edward D. Jamie Jr. Funeral Chapel in Bayside since 1969.

Anthony N. Speciale, Sr., passed away April 2020 following a battle with cancer. Anthony worked in the funeral industry for 30 years as part of the Matthews International team.

Raymond C. Fuller, passed away February 16, 2020. Raymond was the father of Thomas W. Fuller, Director of the Bureau of Funeral Directing. 

Giovanni "John" Palmeri, passed away. John was the father of Tina Di Troia and father-in-law of Joseph Di Troia, President of Fresh Pond Crematory.

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