Webinar: What Businesses Need To Know About NYS Workers’ Compensation, Disability & Paid Family Leave


  January 26th, 2022 at 2:00pm

  Virtual, link to be provided

Join Neil for a presentation on Workers Compensation, Disability & Paid Family Leave with related COVID-19/Delta variant details for small to large businesses, corporations and non-profit enterprises. Topics include:

  • Introduction to our Ombudsman and unit -  the Advocate for Business 
  • Overview/Refresher - Workers’ Compensation (WC), Disability (DB) & Paid Family Leave (PFL)? **Including COVID-19 related updates**
  • What should you take into consideration involving WC, DB and PFL?
  • Does WC, DB & PFL apply to college interns, family, p/t staff, private duty aides/nannies and independent contractors? **including COVID-19
  • Independent contractors versus employees - What are the crucial tips to be aware of?    
  • Essential guidance on subcontracting and workers’ compensation?
  • How to get the best claims results & What are some ways to lower premiums?

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